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Monday, December 15, 2014

Super Easy Appetizer

I will admit that I am mildly addicted to allrecipes.com. I always find what I need there.

Here is a super easy appetizer recipe.

You need:
8 oz Cream Cheese - softened
18 slices salami (more is always better)
Jar of pepperoncini peppers, drained (if you can find the ones that come sliced, that saves time)

Spread the softened cream cheese on the salami, top with a couple pepperoncini slices, roll and secure with toothpick.

If you can only get the whole pepperoncini I typically just cut the top off and roll it up as is. But we are big fans of the 'cini, so it may be too much for your crowd. Then I would just slice in half lengthwise and use half per roll.

If you end up getting huge salami slices, I spread the cream cheese, and then cut them in half before rolling with the pepperoncini 


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